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November 11, 2008

Dogs- Man’s Best Friend

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My family owned a dog for the past 6-7 years, not necessarily the same one. My younger sister, Deena, was the one particularly fond of them. At that time I only ‘accepted’ the idea of a dog, I would approach them every now and then, appreciating how they looked like, maybe walk our dog once in 2 months, but I never really understood the human-dog relationship up till last year. I realized that dogs are truly amazing creatures!

 I lived in Waterloo- Canada for the past year, and due to the fact that almost every house owned a dog, I ended up befriending every single neighbor dog I had. They were a great consolation after a whole waking day at school or after being sad. There was one particular dog, Isabella, a huge beautiful black Labrador. Her owner was an old lady who believed she was too old to walk Isabella anymore. I was more than glad to volunteer and walk her dog, and that’s when the relationship began. 10 months of joyful companionship. I could sense the friendship and loyalty that I received from her grow each day. During the summer I would unleash her and try to race her, trusting that she will not flee away, and during the winter and brutal snow storm weathers we would truly dig each other in the snow. I even bought her a coat and dog boots to make sure she wasn’t cold, the image always made me laugh! Believe it or not, when I left Canada to return home, saying goodbye to Isabella was the most, if not the only, painful departure.

 Now that Im back, I developed a new relationship with Champ, a white brownish Golden Retriever male owned by my sister. Dogs can make you extremely more active and healthy: I cant let one day pass without going for a run with him, I find it the best part of my day and love how he can tell ‘when’ im planning to walk him, he is so alert and watching every step I make, either having my coffee in the morning or putting my shoes on, he just suddenly sits still with an ‘ok im a good boy now please take me for a walk’ attitude, and it just cracks me up every single time.  Not only is he an incredible friend, but he also provides me with much needed assistance: One of the worse Jordanian/Arabic cultures is that people tend to stare a lot, and men approach almost every girl on the road and try one of their horrible lines. So when I ask Champ to attack or to bark, he assists me listens to me and scares the hell out of them!

 Now can dogs look happy and sad? The answer is yes definitely. As time goes by you learn to communicate with your dog and understand their body language and mood. Some of their ways of communicating is tail-wagging, the dog’s tail is usually erect and going up and down with pleasure, their mouth is always open wide with their tongue hanging out and a wide doggy-grin. They just look like they are in utter happiness because they’re getting attention from their owners and sharing their time together. When they’re angry, they avoid eye contact and don’t listen to you when ever you order them to do something. When ‘you’re’ sad and tearful, trust me, they’re sad and tearful too, and suddenly gently start trying to lick you all over, they even sometimes start to howl.  

Below is a picture of our Champ, unfortunately, surprisingly, I don’t have a clear picture of Isabella.



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  1. Congrats on your new blog! Love the picture of Champ. I agree, dogs have an amazing way of being able to boost your mood and get you out for exercise. Dogs are wonderful companions. When we lost our 17-year old Beagle, Gus, we did a blog post / show about it. We couldn’t get through it without crying.

    Looking forward to more of your posts,

    George & Mary-Lynn

    Comment by biggsuccess — November 27, 2008 @ 12:16 am | Reply

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