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November 13, 2008

Sharon and My Mother-in-Law

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During the last few weeks, there was this huge buzz and advertising about a play that will be performed everyday for a week starting from the 13th of November, today, at Al Balad(downtown) Theatre in Amman. A play called “Sharon and my Mother-in-Law” performed by Palestinian nationalist performers who immigrated to Lebanon with their family when they were little.  

 I just returned from the play. The play was a brilliant story about Suad, a 36 year old Palestinian female architecture professor at Birzeit University, it tells of her life in Ramallah. She grew up in Amman, Damadcus, Beirut and Cairo, before making the emotional journey back to Yafa, the land she only knew stories about told by her parents, but never actually got the chance to ever visit it because she didn’t have a ‘Jerusalem’ ID, even pets had to have IDs. She waited for years to get the ID promised by the israelis, but somehow they gave it easily to her dog and kept her waiting for much longer. Giving up, she decides to go to Yafa anyways, at the checkpoint in order to pass, she claims she’s the dog’s driver!! A dog with a ‘Jerusalem ID’, and that she wants to deliver it to a Jewish family. So they let her pass!

 That’s when the story begins; she’s stunned with happiness and is finally where she dreamt to be for years. The play shows a series of incidents and details of how their daily life is like under the occupation, not to mention the comedian hilaaarious mother-in-law who drove Suad crazy during the curfews. Bottom line, they played brilliant roles to emphasize that people who stayed in Palestine are there to stay, no matter how bad the occupation is, or the checkpoints, curfews, interrogators and collaborators, they would rather live in misery than let the Israelis succeed in driving them to leave the country and seek a better life..

 I was glad to see people from all over the world there to attend the play. People, and Im unfortunately one of them, do not quite understand the Palestinian cause and what’s really going on there, but a knowledgeable play like this, is a good story of the truth.

If you’re in Amman you have to go watch it. Its funny, creative, spoken in English and included many parts in funny interchangable accents, and the music and lyrics cannot be better. DVDs of the play will be out soon, or so Ive been told, but if you cannot watch it, you can read the hit book in which this play was based on. Same title, by Suad Amiry.



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