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February 3, 2009

You and the Night and the Music

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I was just listening to one of my favorite old classic tunes, and I decided it definitely should be bloggable material. To anyone who wants some soothing, groovy, sexy kick-back listening, click on the link below and listen to ‘You and the night and the music’ sung by the amazing Julie London- if you only know of her through “Cry Me a River” – as most people do – then you’re in for a real treat!


November 8, 2008

Science of Music

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Music. Do we all realize the power it has? There’s no doubt that each one of us relates to it in our own way, but personally, I find that listening to my favorite music and driving go hand in hand. Indeed it can be dangerous, since fast tempo music and loud music can simulate your brain to drive faster. Few months back Mumbai has actually banned listening to music while driving: they are taking it very seriously and believe it’s the cause of most of the accidents, I think their own growing population is the cause too.

 So, music and driving, also music and running, the freedom of the open road, continually tempting you that no matter how fast you’re driving or running, music will hold you to it. You’d be surprised, music can make you feel like you’re not quite so helpless any more, I tend to relate lots of music to my life, some music reminds me when I was little, others remind me of my friends and people that I miss and liked at that time. Some other music makes me happy if im blue and if I need to get some work done, like listening sometimes to Bob Marley and dance music for instance helps me get right back to business, making me feel that things will be ok. And when I need to focus on a creative task, I listen to music without lyrics and find it most effective, upbeat music gives me strength and makes me go on and on for hours, it changes my state of mind causing changes in my mood and productivity.On the other hand, sometimes I dislike a particular song because it reminds me of something that made me sad at the time.

 Why is every TV show, commercial, and movie have music? Or stores and restaurants? This morning I went shopping to check out a new mall where there was a particular store that hardly had anything I liked, but my senses liked it for sure, I loved the smell and the music and I just couldn’t stop wandering around and around the store, and although I couldn’t find anything to my liking, the long time I spent there because of the music, somehow had a decisive influence on what I eventually did end up buying.

 Music is simply an intellectual pleasure! Below is a good song by Richard Ashcroft, Music is power! Enjoy.



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